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Would Mitt ever listen to Keynes?

“The important thing for Government is not to do things which individuals are doing already, and to do them a little better or a little worse; but to do those things which at present are not done at all.”

Coming across this quote from John Maynard Keynes from 1926, I was thinking that someone should remind Mitt Romney of the inherent truth that lies in this sentence. Government is not a business or an individual. And that’s why trying to import wisdoms from these realms into the realm of government will in many cases lead to nothing good.



One thought on “Would Mitt ever listen to Keynes?

  1. We already HAVE been seeing Keynes’ theories in action, to some degree. He was not a promoter of the permanent carrying of a national debt. If you think that the US is somehow identical to the European space where they Keynesian practicioners are on both sides of a phony Austerity/easing argument, you’ve been probably drinking the bong water.

    But the idea that you think yourself some sort of wise, (wiser) councel “teaching Romney” anything smacks of mental masturbation.

    Posted by ¡No Pasarán! (@nopasa) | November 1, 2012, 4:19 pm

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