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Thank god, there is a crack: Conservative Europe

Sarkozy is trailing Hollande in the polls and we are only 5 weeks away from the first round of the French presidential elections.
Thank god.
For too long has a conservative alliance determined the course of European politics. Germany, France and the UK, as well as Italy and the Netherlands, and now also Spain…
To be fair, so far the conservatives have prevented Europe from total collapse and have kept the Euro alive. BUT, they also haven’t shown any creativity in handling the crisis. They say the answer has to be more Europe, but the only thing that comes to their mind are stricter collective debt controls?

Progressives have ideas. They might not all be excellent ones, but at least they can start a process of debate.
How can we revitalise the Greek economy? How do we deal with southern Europeans moving northward looking for jobs and perspectives? How do we finally establish a fairer (and more stable) financial system and stop the wealth gap in Europe from getting bigger and bigger?
What sort of Europe do we want to live in?

None that is exclusively “lead” by reactionaries!



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