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Elections in Europe cannot be domestic affairs anymore. (Modest) involvement by everyone is a good sign!


There is a fascinating play of transnational dynamic going on in this election. As France’s presidential candidates continue to brandish their manifestos, Europe’s other top two economies – Germany and the UK – are being extraordinarily outspoken. In the case of Germany, they have gone to the point of taking sides.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) openly announced her support for Sarkozy just a few days ago, saying the elections would be “decisive” not just for France but for all of Europe. The media has largely covered this story by painting an image of a skittish Germany, worried that the “wrong” French president might undo its cooperation with Sarkozy’s government on managing the eurocrisis.  Reuters has done a particularly good job in reporting this.

Merkel coming to Sarkozy’s rescue has brought a few salient points to the fore: should foreign leaders really get involved in domestic elections?…

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